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Set IPv4 Programmatically in Windows Iot

Changing the IP interface in my application programmatically is the one of my daily life problems when I develop universal windows 10 application and specially work with windows 10 iot core, if you want a way for change IP interface in your app follow this post, I will give you a convenient way to do that.

1564 days ago on August 26, 2017
Parsa Karami on Universal Windows App

Adding RTC module to RPI in Windows10Iot

The time and date is the one of important that always must be work properly in order to develope reliable and trustworthy application, in this post i wnat to show you how can add and install missing Real Time Clock (RTC) to Raspberry Pi board with Microsoft Windows 10 Iot Core os.

1579 days ago on August 11, 2017
Parsa Karami on Universal Windows App

Power Management in Windows 10 Iot

For some cases you need control power management of system, sometimes you need relaunch the app for some reasons or you need shutdown system remotly, maby you register a scheduled tasks on windows startup for some system setting changes like set new ip address or system datetime,The reasons that why you need access to power management of system is not so important in this point, the main goal of this post is how can use it practically. for beginning let use the Windows.System namespace, first add it in the page.

1607 days ago on July 14, 2017
Parsa Karami on Universal Windows App

Icons and Special Characters in UWP

Icons is the some part of app that makes it more beautiful and increse ease of access to app functionality in all the application type assumed you use plus symbol instead of add new person in addition to you have been able to develop a beautiful app, it helps user use functionality in more simple way.

1614 days ago on July 07, 2017
Parsa Karami on Universal Windows App